Part Time Nanny Agency

Job Positions & Finding the Right Help

Choosing who watches your children while you’re unavailable is a challenge for the best of parents. You need to find someone you can trust with your children’s well-being, someone who can engage your children in fun and educational activities, and be relied upon to be punctual and consistently available. Enter: Nanny Authority, an experienced and thorough part time nanny agency.

If you’re looking to find a part time nanny or are looking at part time nanny job positions, it’s instructive to understand the difference between full time and part time nannies.

Hiring a Part Time Nanny

Finding a part time nanny comes with specific scheduling complications. Erratic hours can be difficult to staff for — many nannies are seeking full time hours. Ideally, it’s best to define the hours that you wish to have a nanny presence for and stick to them. Having very specific hours for a nanny — “2 to 7 PM on schooldays” — can allow them an opportunity to find a complementary part time nannying job that fills in their schedule.

Becoming a Part Time Nanny

Often, students and those with preexisting part time jobs are best suited to become part time nannies. If you’re seeking additional hours but don’t want a full time commitment, becoming a part time nanny can give you time for other endeavors, whatever they may be. A part time nannying position can be a supplemental source of income or help you to work your way through school without forcing you to compromise your study time.

Finding the Right Fit

Finding someone with part time availability can be difficult. Looking in your local newspaper or online at Craigslist, for example, will show you ads for nannies or babysitters, but this can be both time consuming and a gamble. It’s difficult to gauge strangers based on an ad. A part time nanny agency, however, can do all of the vetting for you.

At Nanny Authority, criminal background checks are run on all nannies we place, their employment and personal references have been checked, and interviews have already been conducted prior to them meeting you. To find a part time nanny or view part time nanny jobs contact us online or call 877-466-2669.