Newborn Care Specialist Agency

Certified Newborn Care Specialists

Taking care of an infant can be incredibly overwhelming for new parents, and you might be worried that you won’t be able to feed, bathe, change or otherwise care for your little one properly during the first few critical months. If you need some help with learning how to care for your infant and handling these responsibilities, you can hire a specialist from an agency that works with newborn care specialists, like the Nanny Authority!

What is a Newborn Care Specialist?

A newborn care specialist comes to your home regularly to help you with the routine care of your infant. Not only can hiring one of these professionals help you ensure that your little one is being properly cared for, but a good newborn care specialist will also work to teach you how to take care of your baby yourself. This can help you learn valuable skills about baby care without sacrificing the level of care that your child will receive during the first few months of his or her life.

A newborn care specialist will help you with:

  • Preparation and cleaning of bottles and feeding your infant
  • Bathing and changing
  • Development of your infant’s sleep schedule and ensuring he or she is getting proper rest
  • Taking care of your infant overnight so that you can sleep
  • Social and interactive activities to help your infant’s mental growth
  • Helping you come up with a routine and schedule for things like playtime, socializing, napping and more
  • Running baby-related errands for you

What is involved in Certified Newborn Specialist Training?

Although you might be wondering how you can make sure that the specialist you are hiring is actually skilled at taking care of infants, you should feel confident when you hire someone who has been through certified newborn specialist training. When taking these classes, specialists learn about all aspects of infant care as well as how to guide parents in these matters.

If you think you could use help with the beginning stages of your child’s life, the Nanny Authority can help you find the perfect certified newborn specialist to help. Click here to be transferred to the family application form for our parent company, Pavillion Agency, whose experienced and knowledgeable Certified Newborn Care Specialist department will be able to support you through your search for the perfect Certified Newborn Care Specialist.