Mother’s Baby Nurse Agency

Hire Using a Mother’s Baby Nurse Agency

Parents of infants may often require extra help from an experienced hand. Baby nurses are trained professionals who can assist in teaching your family the specialized skills needed when it comes to infant childcare.

Many new parents have no family nearby to explain how to hold and feed a child. Hiring a knowledgeable baby nurse can help to ensure your infant receives safe care during his or her first few months. Hiring a baby nurse through a mother’s baby nurse agency, like Nanny Authority, is a viable option for parents who need guidance in making this important decision.

Hiring a Baby Nurse: Agency Screening for Safety

Caring for an infant is a round-the-clock job that is frequently difficult for new parents who work full-time jobs. For those parents or guardians interested in hiring a baby nurse, we recommend working through a reputable agency. At Nanny Authority, we specialize in screening individuals who apply for baby nurse job positions.

We understand that caring for a crying or ill infant for many hours is mentally and physically stressful on a baby nurse. Our thorough screening process will perform a psychological and physical examination on any prospective employee to assure they can withstand the stresses of caring for your infant(s).

We Have Experienced Caregivers

Individuals who apply for baby nurse job positions often have training in health care such as certified nursing assistant or registered nurse coursework. These applicants often enjoy working with newborns and families instead of older patients. Many of these caregivers want to have a specialty in newborn care to ensure infants receive proper medical attention in their first few weeks at home. In addition, infant caregivers may have several years of experience raising their own children. Hiring a baby nurse who is used to having numerous children in a home is a perfect fit for a family with several small children.

Contact Nanny Authority

We have a number of baby nurse job positions available for professional caregivers as well as a great deal of qualified help for expecting parents interested in hiring a baby nurse! Contact us online for more questions or call us at 877-466-2669.