Looking Ahead to Planning for Summer Care

February 28th, 2017 by

The summer months will soon be upon us, bringing with them warm weather, interactive activities and events to take advantage of, as well as increased family time for parents and children. Parents that have a childcare provider during the school-year will typically extend his or her hours to ensure that they can supervise the kids full-time while they are out of school.

When a full-time caregiver is unavailable for travel or to live-in for the summer, parents look to hire a seasonal nanny. This temporary assistance can come from college students or out-of-work educators who need the additional income and are able to help your children stay busy. For more information on why hiring a summer nanny can be a valuable resource to you and your family, read on below.

Advantages to Hiring Summer Help:

Benefits of summer assistance: There are numerous advantages to hiring a live-in or a travel nanny for the season. For one, family time is made easier by the assistance of an additional set of hands. Traveling with children of different ages can be exhausting and parents need a break too.

A nanny can provide help at the family’s home, lending a hand with everyday tasks as well as supervising sports activities, summer classes, and playdates. Even a teen can need a chaperone! Additionally, a summer caregiver will make sure that children stay up to date on their studies. Without guardian supervision, the reading list and homework that the school assigns can become lost in the shuffle of events, outings, and time with friends.

Additional activities to keep your children engaged with their education can be found here.

What is the difference between a summer live-in nanny and a travel nanny?

A travel nanny is a caregiver that is specifically hired to go on vacations with families. These trips can last anywhere from 1-2 weeks to the full summer. A vacation nanny lessens some of the stress, especially if you have children that have different interests or vary significantly in age.

He or she will also be able to entertain your children with fun games like these. When screening candidates, parents should also make sure that the travel nanny has a valid passport. The caregiver can also be utilized during other months, making holiday travel easier.

A summer live-in nanny is an adult that will live with the family during the season, providing comfort and convenience to parents while their children are out of school. Live-in arrangements vary from family to family and depend on good chemistry and the needs and wishes of both parties.

Some summer nannies will live-in only a few days per week while others stay with the family for the entire summer.

Define Expectations for Summer Child Care:

Focus on the job description: Prior to contacting an agency for someone to fill the position, it’s important to think about your family’s wants and needs.

If you live in the city during the school-year and everything is easily accessible via public transportation, you might not need a driver. However, if your family spends their time out on the Hamptons or plans on traveling to a country or suburban destination, a nanny with a license and a good driving record is important to have.

During the summer, children also spend a lot of time at the pool or other bodies of water. When you begin interviewing applicants, you want to ensure that he or she knows how to swim and is First Aid and CPR certified.

A reputable nanny agency such as the Nanny Authority carefully screens all candidates so placement counselor will make sure that your candidate matches all the necessary criteria prior to presenting him or her to you.

The hiring process: It’s best to plan ahead to ensure you’ve reserved a top-tier, high quality childcare provider since summer nannies require the same vetting process as any caregiver. The recommended time to start the hiring process is six weeks to two months prior to departure or the end of the school-year.

Finalizing the arrangement: Similar to a full-time caregiver contract, the work agreement between you and your summer nanny should list the working hours, schedule, pay, and responsibilities to prevent any future miscommunication. This includes being clear regarding travel arrangements and itinerary as well.

How to Become a Summer Nanny:

Many parents dislike the idea of utilizing daycare and camp services during the warm months when their children can be playing outside rather than be confined to a building space. Because they are a temporary form of employment, summer nanny positions are a great opportunity for college students, educators, or out-of-work career nannies.

Preparation is key: One way to make yourself stand out during the application process is to do your research. For instance, New York families often travel to the Hamptons during the summer. Research activities and events to attend with the children as well as pool schedules. During your interview, discuss sun safety tips and tips to have a  safe and fun time in the water. With preparation, you’ll feel confident and will be able to show the prospective family how qualified you are. Doing well on the interview is a key component to landing the position.

Here at the Nanny Authority, our placement counselors are well-versed in making sure that both parties are happy and well-taken care of. If you’re seeking a summer nanny or looking to become one, contact us via e-mail or at 973-466-2669. From screening to finalizing payroll services, the Nanny Authority can assist with the entire process.