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While the traditional nanny/parent relationship used to be based on a live in situation — where the nanny resided in the residence of the family they helped — live out nannies are becoming more common. So what is a live out nanny? A live out nanny’s job description is best understood when compared with a live in position, and as a live in and live out nanny agency, we have ample experience working with both.

Live Out Nanny Job Position vs. Live In

A typical live-in nanny has many things paid for them as part of their agreement. Room, board, utilities and a cell phone are often included. On top of that, a live in nanny receives a set amount of money each week for herself. However, the family has access to the live in nanny 24 hours a day five days a week. A live in nanny has days off, but time off can be fluid and not necessarily consistent.

Usually, a live out nanny’s job position doesn’t have living expenses paid for. She/he lives off the premises and has his/her own space. The wage may be salary or hourly, depending on the agreement with the family, and usually earns about the same as a live in nanny. A live out nanny can also charge for non-childcare duties like doing the dishes and cleaning the house. Although room and board aren’t paid for by the employing family, a live out nanny job position can bring in a good wage while affording a live out nanny to have a more predictable schedule and independent lifestyle.

Privacy and Boundaries of a Live Out Nanny

Working as a nanny on a live out basis allows for both family and nanny to have their own personal space. This is one of the main reasons many nannies decide to search for live out nanny job positions — it creates space for the personal lives of all involved. This doesn’t mean that a high quality child care is compromised, but it may make it easier for a nanny to have a life outside of the family she/he helps.

Using a Live Out Nanny Agency 

As a live out nanny agency, Nanny Authority can take care of your employment and hiring needs. Our specialists are adept at placing live out nannies and matching them with a family that can best benefit from their strengths. Whether you’re looking for a live out nanny or looking to become one, contact us online or call 877-466-2669.