Full Time Nanny Agency

Understanding Full Time Nanny Job Positions

Full time nanny job positions differ in many ways from their part time equivalent. Being a full time nanny comes with the primary responsibilities of:

  • Caring for and cleaning up after the children
  • Get children ready in the morning and take them to school — either by dropping them off at the bus stop or driving them
  • Take children to extracurricular activities
  • Provide meals to children while actively on duty
  • Help children with homework
  • Assist children with bathing and maintaining healthy hygienic habits
  • Organize and maintain children’s bedrooms, closets and toys
  • Do children’s laundry and maintain their wardrobe
  • Potentially provide light housekeeping services, grocery shopping, family errands etc.

Full time nanny job positions come with an expectation of working at least 30 hours a week and taking on a much wider set of responsibilities than a part time nanny would. Some nanny positions require as much as 60 hours per week or more.

Why Hire a Full Time Nanny Through an Agency?

The benefits of hiring a full time nanny are diverse and many. You’ll likely find that having a nanny on a fulltime basis allows your family to better maintain a regular routine. Using several different childcare providers can become time consuming for you and impersonal for your children. Hiring a full time nanny ensures that your children have a single, stable guardian figure to bond with, learn from and respect.

A full time nanny agency thoroughly screens full time nannies including an initial in person interview, reference verification and detailed background checking. A full time nanny agency has the experience to match you with the right nanny who will happily fulfill your requirements and has the qualifications you expect. A full time nanny agency will save you a tremendous amount of time awhile assuring a successful experience for all parties and allow you to devote more time to your family and focus on your career too.

Why seek a Full Time Nanny Job Position?

A full time nanny position can provide a steady, primary source of income. Because you will work with a single family, you’ll have an opportunity to forge a lasting and meaningful relationship with the children you care for, as well as their parents. In working with a full time nanny agency like Nanny Authority, we do the grunt work in finding the right family that fits your special talents.

Find a Full Time Nanny

Hiring a full time nanny is a process that takes some time — after all, selecting a person to spend 30+ hours with your children every week shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you’re a full time nanny looking for a nanny job, the process of finding a worthy employer can be no less challenging. That’s why the guidance of a full time nanny agency can be so worthwhile. At Nanny Authority, our specialists possess a wealth of knowledge and experience that they apply to help fulfill the wishes of every client and applicant. To find a full time nanny or apply for full time nanny job positions, get in touch with us online or call 877-466-2669.