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Applicant: PAV16653SS

Nov 4,2022
- Inactive -
ID#: PAV16653SS
Position: Full Time, Live Out, Nanny
Location: Manhattan, New York

Applicant F  has been a nanny for 26 years and has cared for children ranging from newborn to twelve years old. She is described by her previous families as a reliable, passionate, dedicated, loyal, nurturing, and trustworthy individual. She is proactive and creative with games and activities for children of all ages.  Applicant F believes that education is vital for the development of children and teaches them how to be responsible individuals. Bilingual speaking fluent English and Spanish, she helps children learn a second language from a small age.  Applicant F aims to be the best partner for the parents and helps in any way possible to ensure that the children are fed, bathed, and prep for bedtime before the parent’s arrival. She also helps with lite housekeeping related to the children.  Applicant F offers flexibility with her schedule and can provide the family assistance with overnights and travel. She has experience traveling with her previous families to their summer homes. She enjoys planning activities for the children after school and chaperons them to all of their classes and sports.   Applicant F is the type of nanny that will be running around the parks with your children and climbing on the jungle gyms with them. She enjoys engaging with the kids and you will never see her sitting on a bench watching them from a distance. She loves to be a “big kid” and play with the kids at the park, while still being able to maintain her authority.  Applicant F has a true passion for taking care of children and it can be seen through her lasting relationships with some of the families to this day. She has learned so much about different cultures and family dynamics through my vast years of experience and goes into each position with an open mind.   Applicant F is seeking a full-time live-out nanny position and is available for an immediate start.

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